With our partner foundry we can offer a wide range of wear resistant steel castings ranging from High Chromium cast White Irons, Chromium – Nickel abrasion resistant cast irons, Austenitic Manganese steels and Alloyed / Low Alloyed abrasion resistant steels. Cast mass ranges up to 8000Kg can be achieved with CAD / CNC pattern making technology assuring accuracy of the manufactured part. Patterns will be manufactured from Wood, Aluminium – Wood combined or from Aluminium depended upon casting requirements. All castings can be supplied with material and mechanical property analysis certificates upon request.

Typical cast iron and steel grades supplied.
ISO21988/JN/HBW500 Cr9
ISO21988/JN/HBW630 Cr9

Typical Applications for Wear Resistant castings
Chute Liner Plates
Transfer Chute Impact Backing Liners
Grinding Mill Lifter Bars and Shell Liners
Grinding Mill End Grates
Grinding Mill Feed Chute Liners
Grizzly Bars and Grizzly Bar Caps
Impact Crusher Blow Bars
Impact Crusher Liners
Skip Load Flask Liner Plates
Cone Crusher Liners