With our profile cutting, press brake, rolling and fabrication / welding capabilities Ware Products offers 100% completed components as well as semi assembled and formed components. As we also stock a wide range of structural, mild steel and wear plate our lead times are generally independent of third party supply. Our pressing capability is increased by our extensive range of tooling which has been specifically designed to press both mild steel and wear plates up to HB550. Our in house Engineering resources and experiences assists our customers in utilising our plate forming capabilities to re-design fabricated items to reduce welding requirements and thus save costs.

Plate Forming & Section Rolling Machines

  • 1200 Tonne x 8100mm Press brake
  • Plate rolls – Roll to 3100mm wide x 50mm thick GR250 mild steel
  • Plate Rolls 2400 x 12mm
  • Section rolling to 150mm PFC & 100mm diameter pipe

Forming Guide

Complex Shapes

Using our CNC Press Brake, we are able to produce complex shapes and weld them out or supply them edge prepped and tacked together.



Our Plate Roll machines are capable of rolling Grade 250 Mild Steel up to 50mm thick and 3100mm wide




Square to rounds and Pipe Reducers. Supplied welded or tacked



Segmented Bends / Lobster-Backs / Strakes

Stitch-cut cylinders can be supplied to save time when fabricating or pre bent


Big or small, we can form, fabricate and weld cones to the precision you demand



Channels / Angles / Chassis Rails

From truck chassis rails and conveyor frames to custom angles and channels



Conveyor Troughs and Launders

Straight and precise, in lengths up to 8.1 metres