Ware products offers the advantages of onsite Polyurea Spraying or Workshop cast polyurethanes. We are happy to discuss and recommend which methods will best suit your needs.

Polyurea Spraying

With our Graco Reactor E-XP2 Sprayer we can offer onsite Polyurea spraying of almost any surface. The advantages of Polyurea for site application include:

  • Fast set and cure times (can be used within 1 hour of application)
  • Large surface areas and complex shapes can be quickly and easily covered
  • Relative insensitivity to weather and ambient temperature changes when applying.
  • No mixing solvents required
  • Provides a seamless and flexible barrier that can be applied to almost any surface with the correct preparation.
  • Polyurea type can be tailored to suit the application.
  • Typical lining applications include: Tanks, fines chutes, launders, agitator shafts and tank baffles

Workshop Cast Polyurethanes:

Advantages include

  • Greater control of physical characteristics and larger range of physical properties available
  • Can be cast thicker than spray coatings and can be machined
  • Mould casting means intricate shapes can be made as well as flat sheets
  • Typical applications for cast Polyurethanes include: Slurry and acid pipes, pump liners and impellers, screen panels, chute liners and skip wheels